Family Dentistry In Edmonton

Stringham Dentistry is proud to be a family dental clinic - we love to support smiles of all ages!

As family dentist, we aim to meet the needs of your family for the long-term. Our goal is to maintain a long-term relationship with all of our clients as much as possible. This means that children can be seen from infancy through adolescence and into adulthood. They can even continue receiving treatment from the same clinic in their later years.

Who Should See A Family Dentist?

If you have or are considering starting a family, we encourage you to consider proactively developing a relationship with a family dentist in order to support your future needs. For example, pregnant women can partner with a family dentist to oversee the health of their teeth throughout their gestational period. This serves not only to support the needs of the mother, but also informs the dentist of any genetic concerns or pre-existing conditions which can be anticipated and proactively managed in the infant as their teeth develop and erupt. If you are a family with a combined household, meaning that you care for the needs of elderly parents or other dependents, family dentists can meet the needs of each member in the household

The Benefits Of Seeing A Family Dentist

Family dentists are motivated to provide positive experiences to all of their patients, particularly those who are young and impressionable. We believe that providing positive experiences to small children fosters trust and a sense of comfort in the dental environment and decreases the likelihood of anxiety or fear as it relates to dental appointments.

Since we are interested in providing such positive experiences, we take extra steps to ensure that we have resources available to assist our patients in feeling comfortable at the dentist. This extends from distraction techniques and tools such as tablets or tv screens to the techniques and approaches that our team uses to comfort and engage clients through their dental experience.


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Patient First Dentistry

Since each of our clients has different comfort needs, we take an interest in getting to know what works for each of our clients and we make every effort to offer an experience that reflects those needs. Whether that means bringing in small children for a tour of the office and allowing them to touch some of the dental machines to develop their familiarity and comfort with them,or allowing a longer timeline for appointments when we are aware that certain patients require more time to become acclimated to the environment when they arrive.

We don’t stop at flexible appointment durations. We also offer extended hours as well as the opportunity to schedule group appointments for the entire family to be seen. This allows busy families to address the oral health needs of each member of their family in an efficient and effective manner that requires less scheduling organization and childcare efforts – as well as missed work or school for those parents and their children. This increases the likelihood of regular preventive maintenance appointments, since these appointments are made more convenient and are, therefore, less likely to be deferred.

Parents of children with sensory processing disorders will find working with a family dentist a partnership approach to their child’s oral health needs. Our dentist is skilled and aware of therapies and techniques which can assist children with sensory concerns and being able to tolerate cleanings and maintenance more effectively. Parents will feel heard in a family dental environment and will benefit from the expert knowledge of our care teams about how to care for their families oral health needs effectively between visits. With our approach to family dental care the experience is one of support and advocacy and we value our opportunity to have a positive impact on your family’s health.

We look forward to meeting you and your special family soon. For questions about these or other services offered by our general dentists contact our office today.

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